I have been in the construction industry since 1996. I started framing homes and after 7 years I decided I was done working out in the cold weather so while working full time I attended ITT technical Institute. I had to take a year off school because of  a motorcycle accident which left me paralyzed from the shoulders down “quadriplegic”. After getting back to school I graduated with an Associates degree in architectural drafting and design in 2006 and immediately started designing custom homes. My experience physically building homes has given me a better understanding of how building elements coincide one with the other and how some things might look good on paper but do not materialize in the real world.

At J Lonnie Fox Drafting & Design I strive to take your ideas combined with my real-world design experience and come up with a home that it’s perfect for each client. I work to create beauty, functionality, efficiency and flow so your house is somewhere you can call home.